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Crucom offers remote and secure backup services. Your data is stored securely on Servers based only in New Zealand. These servers are in a Datacenter in Auckland, New Zealand with multiple redundant system to ensure it is always accessible and secure.

Very easy, Very reliable. With multiple redundant servers we offer very reliable secure backup service which is easy to use and cost effective.


All-inclusive fully managed price


All of these Backup options include Crucom Monitoring and 4 monthly Test Restores.

Why do I Need Monitoring and Test Restores?

The worst time to find out that backup systems have failed is after data loss. Therefore, it’s extremely important to monitor and test your backups as well as follow a regular backup schedule.

  1. Monitoring – Backups can fail. When a backup fails, it creates a snowball effect, meaning that backups following the initial failure will probably also fail. When backup fails, you must figure out why it did and fix the problem. The only way you can do this is through frequent monitoring.
  2. Testing – You must also test your backups for fidelity. If you cannot restore your files from a backup, it’s not effective. You’ve only wasted storage space, time, and money. For this reason, you must test your backups by attempting to restore your data. If a test fails, you can fix the problem before you lose valuable data.

Our team focus on your backups to ensure they are running as expected, that they are automatically being transferred offsite, and you can be confident that your backup regime is effective and safe.

Whether you need to back up your home computer(s) or laptop, small or large business we have the ideal solution for you. Secure, Efficient Off–Site Backup for Servers and Simple, Secure Backup for Business/Home Users Medium and Small.

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We’ve been helping great Kiwi businesses with their IT needs for over 20 years!

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We are based in New Zealand and 100% kiwi owned and operated.

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After many years working in the IT industry, we were constantly frustrated with major telecommunications providers.
Sick of being put on hold while the business work piles up on the table, the wait can last for days without any progress. Every time we had a problem, we were costing ourselves and our clients major downtime and we could only watch the money go down the drain. No matter what size business or industry you are in, these problems happen to everyone. As most telecommunications providers offer similar services at similar prices, the only true difference is the level of support and service. Crucom was established to become the solution in the IT industry.

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We’re based in Silverdale, and working with businesses all over New Zealand making IT easier.