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With the Crucom Smartmail System, it gives you the freedom to work at your desk or on the go. Using the Smartmail webmail interface, you can access your email from anywhere in the world.

Communication is crucial in today’s fast-paced world. Whether you are constantly travelling or want the freedom to work in different places, you can collaborate and resolve challenges with your team in real time – no matter if they are halfway across the world. Now you can enjoy collaboration and synchronisation with all your email clients in one Smartmail System.

The Crucom Smartmail System is a webmail interface that gives you access to email, instant messaging, tasks, contacts and calendars from anywhere or on any device – as long as you have a stable internet connection. It makes it super easy to manage your email server tasks through a web-based administration interface. You can add users and domains, keep an eye on the bandwidth usage, emails, and automate tasks through our comprehensive API.

Over the years, Crucom has used the best IT experts to perfect the Crucom Smartmail System. Businesses all over New Zealand are already taking advantage of this system to streamline their processes and create freedom in the workspace. Try the Crucom Smartmail System today and experience better stability, lower maintenance costs and hardware requirements.

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After many years working in the IT industry, we were constantly frustrated with major telecommunications providers.
Sick of being put on hold while the business work piles up on the table, the wait can last for days without any progress. Every time we had a problem, we were costing ourselves and our clients major downtime and we could only watch the money go down the drain. No matter what size business or industry you are in, these problems happen to everyone. As most telecommunications providers offer similar services at similar prices, the only true difference is the level of support and service. Crucom was established to become the solution in the IT industry.

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We’re based in Silverdale, and working with businesses all over New Zealand making IT easier.